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Fit for the Circus Dress

When I found this vintage red dress I almost squealed. This is the kind of dress that you dream of finding but never do, or when you do, it’s badly damaged or costs hundreds of dollars! But this treasure, and a bunch of others that are equally as charming, found me about a month ago! There is a local thrift shop that changes its name so frequently I honestly don’t know what it’s currently called, but the proceeds all go to help women in the community! So it’s one of my favorite places to donate to and to source vintage clothes from!


When I saw it, I quickly prayed that it would be big enough to fit me! Then wheeled Ansel’s stroller right in to the dressing room! It was just a touch too big which is easy to fix! My mind started planning when I would get to wear it and I instantly knew it would be perfect for our birthday party that was coming up! Ansel was actually born on my birthday.  I promise that when he gets older he can have his own parties but for now, he didn’t mind sharing his cake with me;) We planned a (sort of) over the top circus party for his birthday… but we wanted to celebrate making it through his first year and what a precious gift that he is to us. So we did!

Since it was a circus party, it was only right that Ansel get to be the ringmaster, so I made him a jacket out of a red baby dress shirt and a bow tie from ribbon that I had lying around! I took in my dress a little at the top and took a few inches off the bottom. There was no way I was changing this sweet dress other than a few fitting alterations! It was such a sweet piece and I couldn’t bring myself to hack it apart! When you see the after photos, you might have a hard time telling that it was even altered! Especially since the only full length picture we took that day was with my beautiful sisters!!

2017-06-20_0012 2017-06-20_0013 2017-06-20_0014 2017-06-20_0015 2017-06-20_0017 2017-06-20_0016This vintage 1950’s high chair was a great find at the same thrift store! I have been planning *our* cake smash since I realized that I may never get my own birthday cake again! And part of my plan was a sweet highchair! I thought I would find a wooden one and paint it, but this metal chair was better than I could have ever imagined! It started out a very pale and rusted pink! But in the store, I promised Ansy that I would paint it for him! I was so happy with how it turned out!

Happy Birthday to my favorite tiny ringmaster!!

Also, can you even BELIEVE that CAKE!?!?!? Alyssa from Simply Sweet is BEYOND talented!! Thank you so much!!

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Praise the Lord Sleeves!

Holy Week and Easter Sunday are a very important time for my husband and I to celebrate! We try to recognize the new life that we have in Christ everyday but there is something really special about taking time to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us with other believers! And let me tell you, celebrating Christ’s resurrection on Easter is really exciting for us! It’s also a busy time for us! Brian is always busy with preparing for Holy Week services and he is currently advocating that church staff gets Easter Monday off. I’ll let you know if he is successful;)

One little Easter tradition that we have is to wear matching outfits on Easter. It started the year we were engaged. I barely knew how to sew but I had an obnoxiously yellow dress that I planned to wear to church. Brian and I drove all over Saginaw to find a tie to match but couldn’t find one! Brian decided that I should make one for him. I will never forget trying to finagle that thing together! He wore it though! Actually, he wore a vest over it… so who knows how he really felt about it! Since that year we have really enjoyed finding a fun outfit to wear on Easter! This year proved to be a little more difficult because all of the dresses that I planned to wear ended up not fitting over my ever growing baby belly! I was 30 weeks this past Monday and really starting to show! I decided that I would make one last attempt at finding a dress to recreate. And I’m so happy I did because this might be one of my favorite finds ever!

The sleeves…. The sleeves… The sleeves! A sweet lady from our church said it best, “Those are Praise The Lord Sleeves.” And she is correct!! I was so excited when it zipped up all of the way and had more than enough room for the belly!2016-03-29_0007

(Our old farmhouse is still being renovated! So excuse the missing baseboards but you can rest easy, there is eight inch trim, basically my dream come true, just waiting to be installed!)

I didn’t actually have to do as much to this dress as some of my other projects because the fit was almost perfect! I cut off about 18 inches from the bottom and gave it a new hem. Then I trimmed the lace off the neckline and started working on those priceless sleeves! First, I used my seam ripper to remove the cuffs from the sleeves. Next, I turned the dress inside out and pinned the sleeves where I wanted to the new seams to be. I sewed up each side to make them narrower and much less winged. I cut off the extra fabric and gave the wrists a new hem. I debated over and over if I should make it short sleeved once I had finished. My wonderful sister-in-law Emily talked me into the long sleeves! Thanks Em, I would be a mess with out you;)

2016-03-29_00062016-03-29_0010 2016-03-29_0008
With the extra fabric from the bottom of the dress I made a tie for Brian. He was super pumped about how it turned out! He is a graphic designer and loves vintage prints so this tie will probably be a regular for him!


Personally, I think this guy could be a tie model, but I may be a little biased! I sure hope our little guy gets his dad’s good looks though;)

And here’s one with Brian and I together and a special throwback to Easter 2012 with the yellow dress that I mentioned before… note that Brian’s vest did in fact cover up most of his tie that year!

2016-03-29_0011I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! HE IS RISEN! 🙂


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Easter Floral Dress

This dress has been one of my favorites to work on. I found it at a local thrift store for less than a dollar. I loved the neckline. From the moment I bought it, I knew it would be a fantastic Easter dress!

This dress was particularly unflattering. I love to wear my particularly unflattering dresses around for a little while before I start the refashion. I say it’s to get a feel for what I want to do with the dress. Really it’s to drive my husband crazy;) Something about trying to flirt with him while wearing these atrocities is really funny to me, and not to him. He really didn’t like this one!

easter dress before and with brian-101

The dress itself actually fit me really well! A nice little surprise! I knew that I wanted to shorten the dress so that’s where I started. I took about 5 inches off of the bottom and gave it a new hem. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the dress to have sleeves but I knew I didn’t want it to have THOSE sleeves. So I ripped them off. I liked it a lot without them so I took a little more off around the arms and gave that a small hem.

easter dress before and with brian-103

This dress originally had buttons up the front on the top. Some dinkus removed them and ripped six holes in the fabric. Not only did they steal my precious buttons, I had to repair the holes in the fabric. I tried to patch the holes and that just didn’t work. Then I realized that I could rip the seam at the waist and and put the fabric with the holes behind the other side. It worked like charm!

easter dress before and with brian-105

I searched through my antique button collection to find some replacements. I didn’t have 6 of anything that worked with the dress so I found these at Hobby Lobby. I don’t love them, but they help cover up the holes from the button-stealing bottom feeder that I previously mentioned.

easter dress before and with brian-107

I loved the belt it came with but I felt it dated the dress and not in a good way so I paired it with a white belt from my closet.

easter dress after-100easter dress after-102easter dress after-103For Easter, Brian loves to wear a bow tie. There was enough fabric from the bottom of the dress to make him a pretty fancy one. I traced one that I made him for New Year’s Eve last year and made this floral masterpiece. I am already keeping my eye out for next year’s Easter Dress!

easter dress before and with brian-109easter dress before and with brian-112