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Wednesday Addams’s Dress

It’s not often that I say, “now that is some nice velvet.” In fact I don’t think I had ever said those words until I found this dress.

wednesday addams before-100There isn’t a lot to say about this dress except that it obviously belonged to Wednesday from the Addams family.

I shortened the dress by about 6 inches and chopped off the sleeves then gave them a new hem. I took the sides in about an inch on each side. I also gave the dress new elastic. The old elastic was completely stretched out.

wednesday addams before-107Look! Even Thing helped out!

wednesday addams before-106I turned the dress around and cut a v-neck into the collar and finished off the seam. I was left with that line of six buttons now awkwardly on the back of my dress. I ripped them off and sewed up that seam. I replaced them on the shoulder because they seemed happy there. Now this dress is ready for something besides a 1960’s tv show.

edited blue and white afters-106edited blue and white afters-105edited blue and white afters-104Exciting news! My little sister (well, technically Brian’s little sister) is getting married soon! I decided that it would be the perfect “little black dress” to wear for her bachelorette party! We had a great time and this dress was so comfortable all night long!! Can you even believe how gorgeous the bride to be is?!?

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