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Barney Inspired Dress

I love this dress, this dress loves me, we’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a….

Purple. And. Green.

Barney Floral Before-100As a child of the 90’s it’s hard to see those color’s together and not think of our old pal the singing, dancing, dinosaur Barney.

This is one of those projects that even after I’m done with it, I’m still not sure if it’s a home run, but it is super comfortable! As I am transitioning from my mid to my late twenties… comfort just keeps getting more and more important! So because of it’s high comfort level, you get to see it today!

I decided to make a skirt out of the dress because the print is so bold, I thought I could tame it down a little. I cut the top portion of the dress off about an inch above the elastic. I used that inch to finish off the edge around the top of the skirt. Then I trimmed off the extra length and gave it a new hem. In total this project took less than 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad for how comfortable it is!

barney floral after-103barney floral after-107barney floral after-102

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Princess Peach Dress

This might have been a bridesmaid dress in the 80’s… Maybe a homecoming dress in the 90’s… I have a different theory. Have you ever played Super Mario Brothers? If so, you should recognize this gorgeous dress. I’m 99% sure that this is the actual dress that Princess Peach was wearing when Bowser kidnapped her. I knew that if I didn’t snatch this dress up someone else certainly would. Seriously, this dress was begging to be worn in late October with the wearer’s significant other in overalls, red shirt, and a fake mustache. Actually, I regret not saving this dress to wear for Halloween but I was way too excited to cut it up that I couldn’t wait!

princess peach before-101

I have to admit I feel like I cheated a little with this dress. Normally, I try to keep as much of the dress original as possible. First, because it’s less work for me and second, because usually there is a detail that I want to keep original. Typically that is where most of the charm comes from. This dress didn’t have that. It was a just huge mass of shiny peach fabric. It didn’t have a lot going for it. I cut up this whole dress to reuse the fabric. There was more than enough in the bottom of the dress to make this skirt. I made a pattern from a skirt that I already had. First, I made a waist band then I made the bottom portion of the skirt. I decided to give it some pleats in the front. Once the skirt was finished I knew I had to incorporate at least one of those fantastic bows. I chose one of the smaller ones from the sleeves. There you have it. Princess Peach or 80’s bridesmaid dress, whatever you were in a past life, I’m happy you’re in my closet now!

princess peach afters-102princess peach afters-104princess peach afters-108princess peach afters-103These photos were taken out side of the gorgeous Bancroft in downtown Saginaw.


Baby Beluga Dot Dress

When I was in kindergarten, we would sing a song called Baby Beluga. It was about a baby whale that liked to swim. It was a pretty cute song. I hadn’t thought about it in probably 20 years. Then I put this dress on- – Suddenly, I remembered most of the words… and all I could think while looking in the mirror was that this dress reminds me of my dear friend Baby Beluga. A dress that makes you feel like a whale, even if it’s a cute whale, probably needs to be cut up a little bit. If you’re curious, which I know you are;) here is a link to my beloved childhood SONG  about ocean life.

Baby Beluga-100

I truly don’t know how I talked myself into bringing this one home with me other than those polka dots. I’m such a sucker for a good polka dot! This dress was just a huge disaster. I thought about keeping it a dress. In order for that to work, I would have needed to disassemble every piece and trim it down dramatically then piece it back together. I decided to just use the bottom portion to make a skirt instead. Don’t worry, I saved the top and I’m sure you will see that another day!

Baby Beluga-102

All I did to make this skirt was chop the bottom portion off just a little longer than I wanted the to length to be. Then I measured my waist and trimmed off the extra from the sides. I gave the side a quick seam half way up the side then added a zipper. I used some of the extra fabric and made a waistband for the top of the skirt. When I attached the waist band, I was careful to keep the pleats in the right places. I debated big time between gold buttons or white buttons but finally settled on these fabric-covered white buttons that I saved from a shirt that I refashioned awhile ago.

Goodbye Baby Beluga!

Baby Beluga edited-100

Baby Beluga-104Baby Beluga-1