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Blue Lace Print Dress

I didn’t know I could love a fabric print the way that I love this print! It’s incredible!blue lace before-100

I found this treasure at a local thrift store for $1.50 and it really was love at first sight! I found a few other old treasures that day as well but this was my favorite.  I didn’t really want to change it that much. I liked the basic shape and neckline. I loved the pearl buttons!

I took the dress apart at the waist and removed the sleeves. I wanted to keep the original hem at the bottom of the dress because of the pleats. I cut off some of the top portion of the skirt to adjust the length of the dress. I also cut off some of the bottom part of the top of the dress so that the waist would fall higher.  I tried to save the original elastic from the waist but I ended up accidentally cutting it in half…twice. So I found some elastic I had taken out of another project and attached it to the top of the skirt. I then reattached the bottom and the top pieces together. I took in the sides about an inch and trimmed a little off the shoulders and gave the arm holes a new hem. I felt like the dress needed something extra so I made a belt out of the extra fabric to tie around the waist! I was really happy with how this dress turned out! I even wore it to my sister in law’s bridal shower! blue lace after-100blue lace after-102 blue lace after-104 11813320_10207688925844276_7742838749215897504_n


Pink Shorts Outfit

Good golly. What a find. pink shorts before-106

I can’t pin point what the best part of this outfit is… Maybe because there isn’t a best part. I did like the eyelet lace trim a lot though and saw some potential with it.

I put this outfit on for my “before” set of pictures and Brian was beside himself… I think it was because this outfit is almost offensively ugly.  My biggest question remains, do you think the previous owner wore the shirt tucked into the shorts or left it all untucked and carefree? My hope is untucked.

This refashion was pretty straight forward. I knew I could save the shorts they just need to be taken up in the length and more importantly down in the waist. So I detached the eyelet lace detail at the bottom and trimmed off some length then reattached the eyelet lace. Then I took off the waistband and cut off a couple of inches of fabric then reattached the waistband. The shorts needed a few other small adjustments here and there but otherwise it was pretty simple! I don’t know what will come of the shirt that came with this outfit but it’s in my scrap pile for now and its sure to see another day! pink shorts after-100pink shorts after-103pink shorts after-101


My Wedding Dress

I spent nine months working on my wedding dress refashion. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had sewn quilt tops with my grandma and watched her hem my prom dresses. I literally bled, sweat, and cried on the dress while figuring it out. In the end it was totally worth it.

Six weeks before my parents were to be married, my mom still hadn’t found a wedding dress. My dad’s mother, my Grandma June (in the yellow, on the left), volunteered to make her one. Grandma spent the next 6 weeks sewing the perfect 70’s wedding dress for my mom.


Scan 3

Scan 7

When I was little and would look through my parents wedding album, I would dream of the dress that my grandmother would make for me someday. I met Brian just after my grandma passed away in 2008. Eventually, Brian and I realized that we were hopelessly in love and decided to get married. Because I had been so close with my Grandma June, when it came time for me to pick out a dress I just couldn’t. I had to find some way to include my grandma in the making of my dress.

My mom dug out her old dress and I started the refashion. The dress was pretty damaged but I was determined. I took the entire dress apart. Each seam that I ripped, I remembered my grandmother. It felt like we had one last sewing project together.


First I removed the sleeves. I saved the buttons and the button loops. Those later replaced the zipper that was on the back of the dress. I also removed the upper collar piece. After I removed that, the neckline was almost exactly what I wanted.

I had to completely rework the back of the dress. Because the outer layer was so damaged, I replaced it with a lace overlay. I made the keyhole back from pieces of the lace and beaded them with the original beads from my mom’s dress.

wedding dress -100

My grandma saved everything. I went in her craft room and she still had the extra beads and fabric scraps from the dress, from 1978! I used the extra fabric to repair a hole that was in the silky layer of the dress.


The thing that concerned me the most about the dress was that my mom is at least THREE INCHES shorter than me. Good old grandma… she put a FOUR INCH hem in the dress. It was like grandma had made the dress for me, my mom just got to wear it first. I reattached the lace trim to the bottom. I sewed the last bead on the dress the morning of my wedding.







And that is how I spent $20 on a wedding dress;)

Scan 72

I thought it was only right to include a few more photos of these incredible people that have stayed married all these years and shown me the meaning of loving in good times and in bad 🙂 The photos on the left were taken at our wedding when my mom and dad won the “Anniversary Dance” and were celebrated as the longest married couple! 37 years and counting!



Our wedding photos were taken by the incredibly talented Amanda VanVels Photography. My parents wedding photos were taken by Everett McCormick.