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The Very Literal Floral Skirt

Have you ever wished that clothing could be more educational. I know I have! 😉 Well, you’re in luck. This dress not only looks atrocious but it also labels the types of flowers that are printed on the fabric. So you can learn the flower’s names while you’re wearing it! Botany enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing!

literal floral skirt before-102literal floral skirt before-103

The print of this dress scared me away at first. I saw it at a local thrift shop where I get most of my treasures and I passed it up. I really couldn’t imagine how I could keep it a dress and tame the fabric down enough to work for me. I was very charmed by it though, the print is super unique and the fabric is really nice quality. I told myself if it was still there on my next thrifting outing that I would have to try it. Can you believe that nobody else claimed it? I had to bring her home with me.  After trying the dress on, it was clear to me that a skirt would be a nice option to tone down that fabric a little. The less of the fabric there was, the more charming it became! I ripped the seam out at the waist of the dress. I then cut off the bottom portion of the dress and gave it a new hem. The zipper in the back of the dress continued past the skirt ended at the waist so I trimmed off the extra and tacked in the ends so that I wouldn’t lose my zipper. That was it!

literal floral skirt after-101literal floral skirt after-103literal floral skirt after-100

My new mission is to find a piece with multiplication tables or U.S presidents!


Big Shouldered Beauty

I found this big-shouldered beauty at a local thrift shop for 69 cents. I was charmed by it for some reason. Maybe it was because of the very plunging neckline with the modesty collar that was included! Or it might have been the pockets, I do love pockets. It might have been the shoulder pads. For some reason I feel like shoulder pads just exude such an interesting confidence, not necessarily a good kind.

Floral Dress-100

The brand was “Sweet Miranda” and all I could think was “No! Miranda No!”  Think Michael Scott yelling “No. No. Noooooo.”

Floral Dress-102

This dress actually needed more work that I originally thought. First I chopped about a foot of material from the bottom and gave her a new hem. Then I ripped out the modesty bib. (Side note, I’m keeping the modesty bib, it could come in so handy at our youth group someday!) There was a faux collar that was attached really well to the dress. I’ve never had such a difficult time ripping out a seam!

Floral Dress-104

Once the collar was gone I removed the shoulder pads and just tucked it all back together, sewed in bust darts, and took in the sides a couple of inches. Then I removed the sleeves right at the seam. I put a quick hem in for the arms. And here we have our “Sweet Miranda” looking sweet again.

Floral Dress-106

Floral Dress-110

Floral Dress-1