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Cable Rope Print Sweater

Is there anything better than a thick sweater in the Fall in Michigan? Maybe. The world is an incredible place so I don’t doubt that there is. But seriously, when it’s sweater weather in Michigan it truly is a wonderful time! Now the tricky part is that it actually has to be sweater weather! I know I can’t be the only one that has jumped the gun when it was a fairly chilly September morning. You get so excited, put on your riding boots, thick sweater and infinity scarf and all is well for about an hour. Then all of a sudden, your pushing your grocery cart across the Kroger parking lot and it’s 78 degrees and your sweating buckets! Seriously, this happens at least a few times to me every September. Someday I will learn!

When I found this sweater I knew I could save him! I wasn’t sure how but I knew that he would get a second chance!

rope sweater before-100I really wanted to keep this piece a sweater but I knew there was a good chance that I wouldn’t be happy with it once it was done. I convinced myself that I had to try and if that I did mess it up then I could always make a pair of mittens out of it. Then I started thinking about these hypothetical mittens and fell in love with the idea. Part of me hoped the the sweater completely bombed! But in the end the sweater stayed a sweater! At least for today!

I started off by taking in the sleeves. Good golly those sleeves did not match the size of the rest of the sweater! I would love to meet the person with arms ripped enough to fill those sleeves! I put the sweater on, inside out, and pinned where I wanted the new seam to be. I sewed them up and that helped out a ton! Then I just had to tackle that half turtle neck! I just trimmed about a quarter of an inch in from where I wanted the new neckline and gave that a new seam. I had to cut off the original tag in the back of the sweater and after I did so, it’s impossible to tell the front from the back until you put it on. Once it’s on it’s pretty obvious but it’s trial and error to find the front now! I feel like if that’s its biggest problem, it’s doing much better than it did during its half turtle neck days!

rope sweater after-100rope sweater after-103rope sweater after-104 rope sweater after-101