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Red and White Floral Print Dress

The print of this dress might just be my favorite that I have worked with. It reminds me so much of fabric that my grandma would have had in her quilting pile.

red and white floral before-101

I didn’t do much to this dress. It really needed to be ironed after it came out of my dryer though! So I spent some time ironing it before I started cutting and sewing. I took a few inches off the bottom of the dress and few inches off of the sleeves and gave both a new hem. The shoulder pads had to go! I debated to keep the collar how it was or to simplify it. I ended up deciding to remove the bottom layer so it was a little less overwhelming and I’m happy that I did!

red and white floral after-100 red and white floral after-101 red and white floral after-102 red and white floral after-104


Are Those Panda Bears? Dress

Are those panda bears or flowers? It’s a question man has been asking itself since the dawn of time… or maybe just since this dress was made. The answer is still not definitive. Just when I’m sure they are flowers, I catch an upside-down panda staring at me.

red and black pand closeup print-100red and black panda -100Either way, flowers or pandas, I really liked this dress! I knew I would need to shorten it some and take it in a little. When I take in a dress I like to put it on my dress form to get the correct measurements. When I shorten a dress I like to actually put it on myself and see where I want the length to be. When I was working on this dress I was wearing a pair of yoga pants and I was too lazy to take them off. I measured where I wanted the length to be and was on my merry little way. Later when I actually tried the dress on it was shorter than I had expected! Apparently it’s difficult to get the measurements correct with yoga pants on. Lesson learned. I can just hear my grandma saying “measure twice, cut once.” Sorry Grandma June!!  But the dress wasn’t impossibly short, just shorter than I prefer so I kept going with it. The waist needed to come up a couple of inches and the sides needed to come in just a touch!

I assumed that I would remove the collar but it really grew on me. I feel like it adds so much charm that I just couldn’t part with it! The dress came with a fabric sash/belt that I didn’t love so that is hanging out in my scrap pile for now. Who knows what will become of it! There you have it, a panda printed dress ready to be worn again! red and black panda -103 red and black panda after-102 red and black panda after-104


Mole Woman Dress

So I have a confession. My Husband and I love to watch Netfix. Like a lot of Netflix. I think the term “binge watching” would apply. When the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt aired on Netflix we finished every episode in a few days.

mole woman edited before-100

Then I found this dress. Mole woman (with stripes) for sure! I couldn’t wait to get home and hack it all apart!

I started with chopping off a bit of length and giving it a new hem… But somehow I chopped off too much. When I tried it on again it was way too short. I had left a couple inches in my hem, thankfully. I ripped out my hem that I had just put in and sewed a much more narrow one. Whew, back to a semi appropriate length!

Next I took the sides in a few inches in the top for a better fit. Then I chopped of the arms and a little of the shoulders. Those got a nice new seam. Lastly, I had to fix those saggy armpits. Any time I take in the sides of a top I know I will need to add in a couple of bust darts so the piece will fit. Even with the mess up with the hem this dress was a quick one! I think Kimmy Schmidt would be proud.

mole woman edited after-102mole woman edited before-101