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Drapes in a Former Life

This little treasure was a fun one to work on! I found it at one of my favorite thrift shops for less than a dollar. It had been sitting in my “to do” pile for a while when I was trying to decide what I would wear to film a wedding in the next day. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a dress that is comfortable to shoot a wedding in! I decided that I would fix this bad boy up to wear!

edited black and gold before -100

My husband, Brian and I currently share a very cozy workspace. It works just fine when we are both editing photos at our computers but when I start laying a dress on the floor to work on, it gets a bit crowded. Anyway, Brian was editing photos when I started working on this dress and he looked down at it and said, “I’m pretty sure that is made out of curtains.” Then he went back to work and left me with my drapery dress.

I cut off the sleeves and gave them a new hem. The waist fell too low so I cut the dress in half and trimmed a few inches from the top portion. I sewed the pieces back together. I kept the original elastic in dress and just stretched it as I sewed. I took off a few inches from the bottom and gave it a new hem. Lastly, I took in the sides just a tiny bit for a better fit.

black and gold stripe after-105black and gold stripe after-104black and gold stripe after-101It worked perfectly for the wedding that we were filming and I’m sure many more of our wedding clients will see this dress make an appearance at their big day!


Wednesday Addams’s Dress

It’s not often that I say, “now that is some nice velvet.” In fact I don’t think I had ever said those words until I found this dress.

wednesday addams before-100There isn’t a lot to say about this dress except that it obviously belonged to Wednesday from the Addams family.

I shortened the dress by about 6 inches and chopped off the sleeves then gave them a new hem. I took the sides in about an inch on each side. I also gave the dress new elastic. The old elastic was completely stretched out.

wednesday addams before-107Look! Even Thing helped out!

wednesday addams before-106I turned the dress around and cut a v-neck into the collar and finished off the seam. I was left with that line of six buttons now awkwardly on the back of my dress. I ripped them off and sewed up that seam. I replaced them on the shoulder because they seemed happy there. Now this dress is ready for something besides a 1960’s tv show.

edited blue and white afters-106edited blue and white afters-105edited blue and white afters-104Exciting news! My little sister (well, technically Brian’s little sister) is getting married soon! I decided that it would be the perfect “little black dress” to wear for her bachelorette party! We had a great time and this dress was so comfortable all night long!! Can you even believe how gorgeous the bride to be is?!?

11181795_10153538152719122_5080035170952664009_oThis blog post has been approved by Uncle Fester.


1980’s Pilgrim

When I came across this treasure at a local thrift store I couldn’t pass it up! The problem was I couldn’t decide if I should save it for a Pilgrim and Native American Thanksgiving reenactment or if I should cut it up. Serisouly, you put this dress with a pair of black boots and a hat with a gold buckle on it… Squanto is teaching you to plant corn in no time! So I chose the scissors. I almost always do!

80s pilgrim before-100

This was one of my projects that when I showed my husband, well, I think it scared him a little. I apologize for not have a before photo with me wearing it. Just trust me that it was pretty rough. I was a little nervous when I tried this piece on. Typically, the dresses that I buy are a few sizes larger than what I would wear and I just take them in a few sizes. This dress actually fit me pretty perfectly. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to change the actual shape very much and luckily I didn’t!

80s pilgrim before-104

80s pilgrim before-103

My seam ripper worked like a champ getting that collar out of here! Once the collar was gone I just pinned the top together and it laid really nicely. Then I needed to deal with the skirt length and the peplum length. The skirt came to my mid calf and the peplum was little above my knee. Not flattering. I took off quite a few inches and gave both of them a quick new hem. I finished up with shortening the sleeves by a few inches.

I think my Pilgrim dress was thankful for the little facelift that it received.

80s pilgrim after-10480s pilgrim after-10280s pilgrim before2-100


Mom’s 90’s Church Dress

I found this dress at a local thrift store for 69 cents. I loved the floral print fabric and it felt soooo soft! That was really all this frumpy mess had going for it. When I tried the dress on all I could see was my mom wearing it to church back in the 90’s, toting her Bible in a case that probably matched the dress. Great memories but not the look I’m going for.

90s church dress-101-2

This dress was really stretched out in the top. I wanted to save the sleeves and just shorten them but they were pretty far-gone. I ripped them off and trimmed a little extra off the arms. Before giving them a new hem I had to take in the shoulders a couple of inches on each side because the dress was so big. The sides of the top also came in a few inches on each side. Of course the top needed a couple of bust darts as well. After the top was looking good, I trimmed a few inches off the bottom and gave it a new hem.

90s church dress-103

90s church dress-102

90s church dress-101Now I just need to wear this dress to church!