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Denim Romper

This Denim Romper has got to be the most interesting thing I have ever found and tried to remake.  I’ve found some pretty rough pieces to redo but I really think this one might be the winner or the loser depending on how you want to look at it.

denim romper-101-2

I made Brian come with me on this particular shopping trip. He advised me not to buy it, for obvious reasons. It was only 69 cents so I just had to try. I wasn’t at all sure what would come of it but the pattern of the denim was actually pretty charming.

Something else about this romper that you should know, it was well loved. I mean, really well loved. The previous owner clearly treasured it. They had safety pinned each and every one of the buttons onto the romper. Now, the buttons were all still securely sewn on but this person was taking extra precaution! They were not about to lose a single treasured button.

When I saw this I had to smile. I love to think about the previous owners of these clothes. Where they bought the item? Was it really in style then? Where did they wear it? Did they feel like a million bucks while wearing it? Clearly my denim romper wearing friend must have really liked this piece. And I feel I owe it to them to make it work again.

By the way, I wore around this the house for quite a while to gross out my husband. It worked.

I decided that I wanted to make a denim vest out of the romper and maybe a pair of shorts if there was a enough fabric left… I’m guessing that won’t be a problem. I separated the bottom of the romper from the top. I ripped the sleeves with my seam ripper. Then I had the basic form of the vest. I took in the sides a couple of inches. The vest was a little too short and needed something to finish off the bottom. I went back to the shorts portion and trimmed the bottom of them off then attached it to the bottom of the vest. Confused? Don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter. 😉 Basically, I added a little length to the vest. Then I roughed up the edges a little with a cheese grater. I’m not kidding, worked like a charm!

denim romper1-102

It desperately needed a collar so I made one out of the extra fabric from the sleeves. The denim was way thick for my machine so I had to hand sew the collar on.

denim romper1-101

It’s not nearly as scary in vest form. Be on the look out for the shorts. I need a little break from the denim but I will tackle those soon!

denim romper 2-100

denim romper 2-105denim romper-100-2