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Princess Peach Dress

This might have been a bridesmaid dress in the 80’s… Maybe a homecoming dress in the 90’s… I have a different theory. Have you ever played Super Mario Brothers? If so, you should recognize this gorgeous dress. I’m 99% sure that this is the actual dress that Princess Peach was wearing when Bowser kidnapped her. I knew that if I didn’t snatch this dress up someone else certainly would. Seriously, this dress was begging to be worn in late October with the wearer’s significant other in overalls, red shirt, and a fake mustache. Actually, I regret not saving this dress to wear for Halloween but I was way too excited to cut it up that I couldn’t wait!

princess peach before-101

I have to admit I feel like I cheated a little with this dress. Normally, I try to keep as much of the dress original as possible. First, because it’s less work for me and second, because usually there is a detail that I want to keep original. Typically¬†that is where most of the charm comes from. This dress didn’t have that. It was a just¬†huge mass of shiny peach fabric. It didn’t have a lot going for it. I cut up this whole dress to reuse the fabric. There was more than enough in the bottom of the dress to make this skirt. I made a pattern from a skirt that I already had. First, I made a waist band then I made the bottom portion of the skirt. I decided to give it some pleats in the front. Once the skirt was finished I knew I had to incorporate at least one of those fantastic bows. I chose one of the smaller ones from the sleeves. There you have it. Princess Peach or 80’s bridesmaid dress, whatever you were in a past life, I’m happy you’re in my closet now!

princess peach afters-102princess peach afters-104princess peach afters-108princess peach afters-103These photos were taken out side of the gorgeous Bancroft in downtown Saginaw.