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Floral Kimono

I had different plans for this dress! This bad boy was going to be an infinity scarf! But there wasn’t enough fabric in easily accessible places! So I tried it on to see if I could repurpose it in another way! Keep in mind I was about 8 months pregnant in the before photos, so I was really trying to think of a way to turn it into something I could wear with a watermelon under my shirt. And a kimono style shirt is what I came up with! I actually wore it a couple of times during the end of my pregnancy but I never kept it on long enough to take any pictures of it! I was always just so hot!


Luckily, kimonos are sort of a one size fits all type of clothing! So non-pregnant me can still wear it! I got creative with this transformation and started with the dress on backwards. I decided on the length and chopped the bottom off. The I cut beside the zipper on both sides in the back all of the way down, removing the zipper completely. This gave me the shape I wanted and took about 5 minutes! I removed the waist ties and hemmed up all of my raw edges! It needed a good ironing but after that, it was good to go!


Brian and I traveled to Virginia last weekend for a wedding! It was GORGEOUS! But we weren’t really sure of any touristy type of things to do around town! We asked quite a few people! And got suggestions like, “there’s a bowling alley in town.” Haha! Which wasn’t really what we had in mind! And we couldn’t bear the thought of just sitting in our hotel so we drove to the ocean! We found a beach on our phone¬†that looked promising. When we got there it was hilarious how busy it was! There was no parking for literally miles! Even if we would have found a spot I don’t think we would have gotten out! We rechecked the map on our phone and found a nature preserve a few miles north with a beach… and it was incredible!!! There was almost no one there and Brian and I just walked along the beach looking for sea glass and shells. (Real life translation: I ran around singing “I am Moana” from the disney movie far too many times, at the top of my lungs and Brian talked in great length about finding a burger place for dinner.) Very romantic.

2017-06-20_0003 2017-06-20_0005 2017-06-20_0004 2017-06-20_0007 2017-06-20_0009Poor Brian, he never did find that burger place! We looked everywhere for one but found something even better!!

We drove past Krispy Kreme and their “hot donut” sign was on. Brian is a pretty careful driver…. but that man can swerve into a Krispy Kreme like it’s nobody’s business! And I love him even more for it!¬†2017-06-20_0006


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