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April 2017


Desert Dream Dress

Brian and I have some pretty awesome opportunities with our work! We recently traveled to Arizona for a film project. It was a pretty quick and sort of exhausting trip. We filmed A LOT and met some incredible people and heard some truly inspirational stories! We were able to sneak away from our work for two of the evenings that we were there! The first night we decided to take a drive down a “scenic drive” that we had kept seeing signs for. We turned down the road for the drive only to realize that it was just parking lot and we had actually been driving on the scenic route the entire day before! Opps. That didn’t stop us from enjoying the parking lot to it’s fullest potential and taking some photos in a Raid Grandma’s Closet dress! We walked around the cutest little western town that you can imagine and bought cactus candy and a toddler sized cowboy hat for our tiny cowboy that was staying with Brian’s mom back home! The next day we were supposed to film at a church then sleep until out flight left at 1am, instead we decided to drive a few hours to Sedona and hike the rock formations there! We were so happy that we did! It was worth every bit of exhaustion the following day!

2017-03-20_0001This sweet dress that I’m about to share with you has been waiting far too long to be blogged about! The before photos were actually taken when I was maybe 3 weeks pregnant with our little guy! It’s crazy to think that he was hanging out in theses photos and we didn’t even know he existed yet! By the time I finished the dress, I was so pregnant that it didn’t fit anymore to take after photos! I was worried that it might not fit the same but I think it might even fit better than before! I

This was a very simple refashion! I just shortened the hem and took off the sleeves and re-hemmed the shoulders! I only spent about a half an hour on this project!

2017-03-20_0002 2017-03-20_0003 2017-03-20_0004 2017-03-20_0005 2017-03-20_0006
Whenever Brian and I travel for work, we make a mini bucket list for the trip! It’s usually silly little things like trying a certain type of food or seeing something we haven’t before! My only goal for this trip was to see a cactus… and they were EVERYWHERE! It was incredible! The next couple photos are from our time in Sedona! I planned to wear another Raid Grandma’s Closet outfit but it was windy and sort of cold! So I bundled up instead! 2017-03-20_0007 2017-03-20_0008


I’m baaaack!!

I’m back!!!

Pregnancy and that newborn stage were an extremely busy time for Brian and I! We closed on our old farmhouse the SAME week we found out I was pregnant with our son! And we renovated the entire inside before we was born! We gutted a lot of the home and didn’t leave a surface untouched! (Except the exterior! That’s still a work in progress!)  We finished most of the projects about a week before I delivered! Since then, I have been spending as much time as humanly possible SOAKING up the baby cuddles…. and puke, if we are being honest. So so so much baby puke. That newborn stage about killed me. I have never experienced anything so wonderful or difficult! While I have missed working on RGC projects, I knew that I would never ever get my newborn back, so I had to get those snuggles while I could! And really, I just didn’t have the time! I know that babies sleep like 18 hours a day, but there is some crazy time warp that happens where you still don’t sleep or get anything done!

But now my favorite little creature likes to play by himself more and more. He’s currently trying to shove a plastic caterpillar into his diaper genie, and he doesn’t seem to need my help in the matter! So, it’s looking like I’ll be seeing more of my sewing machine and the internet will be seeing more of my vintage treasures!

Here are few projects that I’m working on right now!! You’ll be seeing the finished products very soon!!

2017-04-14_0001This little gem is going to be my Easter dress this Sunday and I just finished making bow ties from the extra fabric for Brian and our sweet little guy! But that lace on the collar! Mmmmm!!!! 😉 2017-04-14_0002

These two dresses will be on the blog as soon as its nice enough the wear them outside! The photo the right was actually taken when I was 7 months pregnant and while we still didn’t have baseboards in our house! I’m so glad that project is done!!

I can’t wait to share the after photos of these peices with you!