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November 2015


Blue Lace Print Dress

I didn’t know I could love a fabric print the way that I love this print! It’s incredible!blue lace before-100

I found this treasure at a local thrift store for $1.50 and it really was love at first sight! I found a few other old treasures that day as well but this was my favorite.  I didn’t really want to change it that much. I liked the basic shape and neckline. I loved the pearl buttons!

I took the dress apart at the waist and removed the sleeves. I wanted to keep the original hem at the bottom of the dress because of the pleats. I cut off some of the top portion of the skirt to adjust the length of the dress. I also cut off some of the bottom part of the top of the dress so that the waist would fall higher.  I tried to save the original elastic from the waist but I ended up accidentally cutting it in half…twice. So I found some elastic I had taken out of another project and attached it to the top of the skirt. I then reattached the bottom and the top pieces together. I took in the sides about an inch and trimmed a little off the shoulders and gave the arm holes a new hem. I felt like the dress needed something extra so I made a belt out of the extra fabric to tie around the waist! I was really happy with how this dress turned out! I even wore it to my sister in law’s bridal shower! blue lace after-100blue lace after-102 blue lace after-104 11813320_10207688925844276_7742838749215897504_n