“The Rachel” from Friends

The dress reminds me so much of something Rachel from Friends would have worn at the Central Perk. When I saw it at the thrift store I knew it must come with me! The only problem was that it was awkwardly on a mannequin. Apparently the thrift store workers also identified this one as a real treasure. Brian was with me when I decided that I must have it. He discouraged me from undressing the mannequin at a thrift store… because apparently “it’s super weird.”the rachel before-100

So naturally, I wrestled with the poor mannequin. Her wig was not attached to her head which was unexpected. Her arms were also not attached which was also unexpected… So not only did I disrobe this poor mannequin’s I also broke her arms off and she lost her hair. It wasn’t my finest moment, or the mannequin’s for that matter but it was totally worth it!

First, I chopped off the collar and hemmed the seam that I cut. Then I removed some length from the bottom of the dress and gave that a new hem. This dress was pretty tight on me especially in the bust of the dress. I moved the buttons out about a quarter of an inch to get a little more room. I also let the side seams out about a quarter of an inch. There wasn’t any room to let it out any more but that’s okay because it gave me just enough space for a decent fit! the racheal  after-101the racheal  after-100 the racheal  after-102

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