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Fuchsia Dream

Sometimes I wonder where the inventor of the bedazzler got their inspiration. Then I realize that most likely, it was from this sequined fuchsia dream!fushia dream before-102

I truly believe there are enough beads and sequins on this dress to outfit an entire preschool tap dance troop with some to spare. I have hoped to find something like this for a long time! I have found dresses similar to this at thrift stores but they are always strangely expensive. Usually they are on the formalwear rack with prom dresses from the early 2000’s and they are like $20. I never pay that much for one of my treasures! I scored this abundance of beads for $1. What a steal!

Even though I have been hoping for a project like this for a while, it was a real pain. When I would cut the fabric beads would fly everywhere and my sewing machine death glared at me when I brought this anywhere near it! I was under the weather and was on bed rest a few weeks ago. Brian refused to set up my sewing machine on my night stand because he said that doesn’t count as resting. Then I remembered that I had this project that needed to be done by hand! It was great because I was able to make this awesome skirt and I got back at Brian by brushing the extra beads on his side of the bed;)I was really happy with the way this turned out! This piece is definitely not something that I would wear often… My style is obviously much more grandmotherly than this project turned out to be but I was happy with the finished product anyway! fushia dream after-105fushia dream after-101 fushia dream after-104

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