Pink Shorts Outfit

Good golly. What a find. pink shorts before-106

I can’t pin point what the best part of this outfit is… Maybe because there isn’t a best part. I did like the eyelet lace trim a lot though and saw some potential with it.

I put this outfit on for my “before” set of pictures and Brian was beside himself… I think it was because this outfit is almost offensively ugly.  My biggest question remains, do you think the previous owner wore the shirt tucked into the shorts or left it all untucked and carefree? My hope is untucked.

This refashion was pretty straight forward. I knew I could save the shorts they just need to be taken up in the length and more importantly down in the waist. So I detached the eyelet lace detail at the bottom and trimmed off some length then reattached the eyelet lace. Then I took off the waistband and cut off a couple of inches of fabric then reattached the waistband. The shorts needed a few other small adjustments here and there but otherwise it was pretty simple! I don’t know what will come of the shirt that came with this outfit but it’s in my scrap pile for now and its sure to see another day! pink shorts after-100pink shorts after-103pink shorts after-101

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