1980’s Pilgrim

When I came across this treasure at a local thrift store I couldn’t pass it up! The problem was I couldn’t decide if I should save it for a Pilgrim and Native American Thanksgiving reenactment or if I should cut it up. Serisouly, you put this dress with a pair of black boots and a hat with a gold buckle on it… Squanto is teaching you to plant corn in no time! So I chose the scissors. I almost always do!

80s pilgrim before-100

This was one of my projects that when I showed my husband, well, I think it scared him a little. I apologize for not have a before photo with me wearing it. Just trust me that it was pretty rough. I was a little nervous when I tried this piece on. Typically, the dresses that I buy are a few sizes larger than what I would wear and I just take them in a few sizes. This dress actually fit me pretty perfectly. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to change the actual shape very much and luckily I didn’t!

80s pilgrim before-104

80s pilgrim before-103

My seam ripper worked like a champ getting that collar out of here! Once the collar was gone I just pinned the top together and it laid really nicely. Then I needed to deal with the skirt length and the peplum length. The skirt came to my mid calf and the peplum was little above my knee. Not flattering. I took off quite a few inches and gave both of them a quick new hem. I finished up with shortening the sleeves by a few inches.

I think my Pilgrim dress was thankful for the little facelift that it received.

80s pilgrim after-10480s pilgrim after-10280s pilgrim before2-100

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